Today on an article by Irina Houser on Pagina 12, it was made public that five days after the Argentine Government announced the payment in full to the IMF, The Supreme Court there ordered the beginning of an investigation for the responsibility of the Monetary Fund in financing the crimes committed by the dictatorship between 1976-82.  
Former Representatives (Diputados, as they are called there)Ripli, Cafiero, and Patricia Walsh,proposed last September to initiate an investigation to the members of the IMF, either in Argentina or abroad who collaborated with the military dictatorship to obtain huge loans and allowed them to commit crimes against humanity. It was also pointed out that laws there allow the courts to intervene in those cases in which groups like the IMF appear to have immunity.

It was noted that the IMF was “too flexible with the military government,and not only silently consented in a disproportionated level of indebtness, but also it facilitated it”. Further, “international credit organizations are subject to international laws, and can be held responsible for civil, political economic social and cultural rights

Since crimes against humanity (as those in the dictatorship) do not prescribe, it should be extended to those who financed it. The dictatorship could not be maintained without those loans from abroad.

The Dictatorship made two agreements: one in August 76 and a second in in July 77. In the beginning of 76 the external debt was of six billion dollars. By the end of that year it was seven billion. By 1983 it was forty-three billion. Supposedly they were used to financed the World Cup if 78, prepare for the war against Chile, to be used for express ways, and for gas pipes.

It is pay back time!

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