Reading this article about a 1200 pound cow caused some late Friday night ruminations.

So this cow is in the slaughterhouse, and escapes by breaking though a fence.  It then avoids the police, narrowly misses being nailed by an SUV and a train, jumps into the icy Missouri river and swims accross, all the while being pursued by local police, who in my fantasy are really pulling for the cow, is then shot by at least three tanzquilizer darts all with little effect, and then finally walks completely willingly into a trailer set up by employees of the slaughterhouse to be hauled back to the killing ground to be fed and watered.

Is this not an incredible morality tale about the fate of liberty in America under attack by the fascist Bush cabal using an illusory security as the bait? We can protect our liberty through every kind of heroic maneuver we can think of, but we only have to weaken our resolve once to lose it for good.

I almost wept when the cow willingly gave up her freedom.  Well, I’m kidding with that last sentence.  I love hamburgers.

Be that as it may, That Cow Represents Our Liberty.  Keep on Resisting.  Never Walk Into That Slaughterhouse Thinking You’ll Be Safe.  Give Me Dangerous Liberty and Black Angus Steaks.

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