Welcome back!

This week we are continuing with the Victorian home that was the subject of the previous diary.  (Seen directly below.)  The painting was at the stage seen in the second photo below the  at the close of last week’s installment.

This week I have the final finished result below. (At long last!)

The changes are not all that many, but I’ll take you through them.  I’ve finally finished the large tree on the left side.  I’ve attempted to depict the  tree as if light is coming through the branches/leaves.  In the past I would have painted it as a roughly round object with shadowing.  It is partly successful, I think.  I’ve seen other painters do it and will try it in other paintings.

The highlights on the shrubs in the front have received a warmer color.  It works well as the new yellow color is related to other shades of yellow in the painting.  It is a good idea to have colors retain some consistency throughout a painting.

I’ve adjusted the shadowing on the right side of the two porches.  As it now looks, some of the exterior color shows through.

Finally, I’ve once again, for about the 5th time, adjusted the color of the structure to the right.  I may yet alter it again, but I consider the work essentially finished.

This cycle started with my statement about my fear of large canvases.  I’m satisfied with the result and will have less reluctance in the future.  I found that I was able to relax with this work and the process gave little of the stress that I sometimes experience.

I thank you all for suffering for this too long series of self-indulgent diaries.  I will be back next week with something new.    

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