First, form a circle. We first call on BooMan to enter the HEART of our circle. BooMan, we feel your pain … we will chant, and bring you strength! The Panthers’ 23 to zero win over the Giants is devastating. (Really? No score? At all? Nary a face-saving field goal?) But know that you gave all you could as a fan …

And, on the ‘morrow, we must gather up all our warriors’ and warrioress’s might!

The nomination of Samuel L. Alito, we must slay.

Warrior priestess Janet Strange has created a DIARY with all the contact information we need. And we have the SERIES of 12 diaries (this link goes to High Priestess CabinGirl’s 12th diary that has links to the previous 11) that each contain a pre-written letter you can send to your senators.

We are strong from our Warrior Women workshops (safe with foam-padded swords, just like wussy liberals!)! The men are strengthened, focused, and purified from their Pure Warrior Ministries workshops (who knew?!) !

Chant! “No, No, No Scalito!” (More clever rhymes heartily welcomed.)

And let’s come up with all our best ideas. Insidious plots are encouraged! We go forth on the morrow AS ONE!

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