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Crab Apple Jack Cafferty (the incarnation of Dennis the Menace’s “Mr. Wilson“) says the one question he wants the senators to ask Judge Alito is this:

(Paraphrased) Is it against the law for President Bush to authorize NSA eavesdropping against Americans without a court order?

Yes or no, Judge Alito?

Jack is betting that not a single senator will ask the question. In the next hour, though, he wants you to e-mail him, and let him know what you think. E-mail: caffertyfile@cnn.com

For talking points, as if you’d need them, see “One-Man Rule.”

(Oh wait. There’s a press conference on the spina bifida baby from Iraq. Thanks to the U.S. in Iraq, who brought her here for successful surgery. It’s in 10 minutes. Stay tuned. … Please, cynics. Hold your tongues. Do not mention the close to 100,000 Iraqis, many of them children, that we’ve killed since 2003. Okay, Ducky … I’ll give you two minutes…)

P.S. Jeff Toobin, the CNN legal analyst (and New Yorker writer), just called the Democrats “spunky.” Cute.

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