act up justice sunday III

Act Up Philadelphia was there in full force. They stormed up Broad St from Fairmount Ave with a venegance. I ran into the street to meet them with my camera and backpeddled with them for half a block. I like this shot the most. Red flares creating a very noticable scene for I’d assume blocks. A fifteen foot wide banner lead by three folks trailed by about twenty or thirty demonstrators with banners, placards and their loud voices.

jerry foolwell justice sunday III

With the Act Up group was this huge puppet of ‘Jerry Foolwell’ it was eggcellent. Just like the ones I’ve seen at protests in the past, spared no expense. The three puppeteers and one directioneer worked very well together.

bible is a horror justice sunday III

Even with the time I put into four posters, this was my favorite one of the night. It’s quite true, the Bible, taken literally, is a horror. Have you read that thing for like five pages?

chuck pennacchio

And my favorite candiate for Senate in this state of Pennsylvania was there too, Chuck Pennacchio. He was working the crowd, speaking with demonstrators who turned a dilligent ear to hear his seasoned words. And as you can see, he was holding up a sign too!

alan sandals

Alan Sandals was there too, another Democrat in the running for the nomination for the Senate run. He brought along a gigantic video van as well which played his new commercial. Which Democratic Senate candidate wasn’t there in solidarity with the people? One Bob Casey Jr. But then again, he doesn’t care much for the notion of choice and furthering womens rights. Not one for socializing with the hoi polloi either from what I’ve seen, or I should say, not seen.

Fifty-five of the shots I took at the protest are up on my flickr. I fucking love photojournalism.

I’d say that there was about 200 people there. I forgot to ask a cop because I’m so used to them not giving out crowd estimates at protests from the last few I’ve been to. But I think this one was small enough [under 500K and all] to warrant one. Arg. It was a decent mix of races out there. I’ve noticed that many protests tend to be mostly white, why, I’m not sure, but this one had a good mix of black, white and brown. As far as trouble, I didn’t see any. Didn’t see anyone getting arrested. Didn’t see anyone getting physical. Peaceful. Loud, but peaceful.

As the people from the first program were leaving the church, I noticed that it was mostly white. I’d say 60% to 75% white and 40% to 25% black. I’m assuming that those numbers aren’t reflexive of this church’s actual membership, but when white folks like $antorum, Dobson and Fallwell come to town, the crazies will follow from the ‘burbs.

I can’t wait until the reports from inside with transcripts come out from the papers in the morning. I heard from a secondary source that $anitorum said that if Alito were to be appointed to the SCOTUS bench that it would be a true act of god. Pricele$$.

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