Okay all you Tribbers. A few of us have been threatening a meetup on the West Coast. This doesn’t mean it is just for West Coasters either. Man Egee, SallyCat, Shirlstar, Diane are all considering it. March is being tossed around if that will work for most. This is very in the planning stage right now but let’s quit talking about it and start planning.

Of course I would love to see it held in San Diego but am very open to up the coast a bit. Let’s get some ideas going but first let’s see if there is a true interest in a  meetup at all. I even read at the Cafe that Supersoling is threatening to grace us with his presence. SO use the thread for ideas, times, places and then we can vote on it in the next week or so.

Looking forward to meeting the Tribe!
[Update] Please vote for one of the following weekends in March in the comments. We will do everything we can to make this happen for all that want to get together. 3/17 or 3/24 or 3/31. Please put VOTE in header of comment. Thank you!

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