Remember, the good ol’ Clinton days when the mantra “it’s not who ya know, it’s who ya blow,” actually may have described some of the Clinton White House’s hiring practices.

Unfortunately for most of us, Dubya is using a different approach to filling important adminstration spots, like FEMA Director.  Just the “who ya know” part. Now everyone knows that Brownie was just a fucking idiot appointed to that spot by his good buddy who also happens to be a fucking idiot.  This is apparently the problem with a lot of the Bush administration jobs.  They are all fucking idiots who only qualification is that they know the first among equals in fucking idiot-dom.

Bush uses marginal means to get his favorite idiots into his kingdom, I mean, administration. We all know he appointed Bolton by recess appointment. But Bolton isn’t the only one.  Here are some recent ones from the end of 2005.  Julie Myers, niece of former Joint Chiefs Chair Richard Myers, was slid into the top Customs enforcement position.  Her qualifications.  She’s a niece. Ellen Sauerbrey, who pretty much made the U.S. look like a fucking idiot when she preached worldwide abstinence as the only effective treatment of HIV.  Now she’s an Ass’t Sec’y of State for refugees, population and immigration.  She’s qualified because she doesn’t think people should fuck.  You gotta admit, ol’ Dubya is pretty slick: no fucking, no more people, no more people, no refugees and no unwashed who want to get here and create a life.  Sweet. And then there’s Hans von Sakovsky: Hans is qualified for the Federal Elections Commission because while a county Republican Party chair in Georgia he helped come up with voting procedures that violated the Voting Rights Act.  Dubya needs that kind of expertise on the FEC.And Dubya has experience with winning through voter fraud and intimidaiton so Hans is probably just the right fucking idiot for the job.  

If only surrounding himself with a self-righteous band of fucking idiots was the only thing Dubya does, he would be merely a fucking idiot.  But since the only way he governs is through un-constitutional and sleazy, marginal avenues he can’t be written off as just an idiot.  Claiming he is above the law, ignoring laws by isuing Pee-Wee-Hermanesque “signing statements” when he signs bills that he doesn’t like into law.  (“I know I signed an anti-torture law, but what are you….I had my fingers crossed so it doesn’t count.”) makes this fucking idiot a threat to our freedom.  And he makes his illegal claims in the name of our honred dead who gave their lives for that freedom.  What a perversion.  It’s nice to know that our President is a man of such honor.

Somehow Bill’s BJ’s just don’t seem so bad.

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