As if it were not bad enough that we have to endure the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld trifecta day after day, now comes another Three Musketeers of sleaze, Abramoff,Reed and Norquist that has bagged many Congresspersons.Of course, we have Rove,Hadley and McClellanas the White House jokers who cannt shoot straight at anything.The Supreme Court has its embedded sleazoids, Scalia, Thomas and Roberts with Alito threatening to join these Three Musketeers in the role of D’Artagnan.There are plenty of sleaze bags in the Press that sing the praises of their brethren in this administration, but I will single out Woodward,Fineman and Novak.

In trying to diagnose why sleaze is a uniquely Republican disease, I have come to the conclusion that the Republican Party has no interest in public service;in fact, it thinks that no public service at all is the ideal.So, every Republican believes that it is his right to plunder the treasury.Also remember that all the fundamentalist preachers are Republicans.Plunder and cheating are congenital “assets” in their profession.

” What need we fear who knows it, when no one can call our power to account”–Lady Macbeth in the voice of Lynne Cheney.

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