First we get the oh so conveeeeeniently timed Osama tape just before the State of the Union address on Jan 31. Then right after the tape release, as if by magic, we get at least three right wing commentators just happening to all equate Liberals with Terrorists:

  1. Chris Matthews equates Michael Moore to Osama.
  2. Josh Gibson says Osama gets his talking points from the Left.
  3. Kellyane Conway says there is a tissue’s  difference between Osama and the Presidents detractors.

But lest you think this is all just some media groupthink without coordination with any GOVERNMENTAL activity, think again:

Yesterday, a grand jury in the District of Oregon returned an indictment charging 11 members of a Portland-based cell of animal rights and environmental extremists for their roles in a pattern of domestic terrorism activities.”

The timing of this indictment on the very same day as the “Liberals=Terrorists” media pile-on is certainly signaling a new, extreme phase in the White House’s propaganda strategy. Taking Nixonian rhetoric to new lows, the Administration and its media minions are saying: No longer do Liberals aid and abet the enemy. In 2006, Liberals ARE the enemy.

The gloves are off folks. The President has declared total war on at least half the population of this nation.

How’s that State of the Union speech coming George?

(cross-posted at Hoot at the Dark)

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