While Bush’s NSA is busy spying on us, Iraq is conducting their newly found democracy to fix what Bush broke did while chasing terrorists. What happened to all the money Bush demanded to reconstruct Iraq’s infra-structures?

I am beginning to think that Iraq was The Diversion Tactic for us peons while Bush & Co. plundered American’s constitution.

1/The Daily Star, Lebanon–IRAQ NEEDS $20 BILLION TO REHABILITATE ELECTRICTY SECTOR (Iraq needs $20 billion over the next five years to solve a chronic electricity crisis after U.S. reconstruction funds failed to flick the right switches, the Iraqi electricity minister said. “When you lose electricity the country is destroyed, nothing works, all industry is down and terrorist activity is increased,” Mohsen Shlash said Tuesday. … “The American donation is almost finished and it was not that effective. They did a few power plants, yes, but that definitely is not worth $4.7 billion,” said the minister, adding that some of the work carried out was worth just one-tenth of the money being spent.)

2/Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Iran–IRAN, IRAQ DISCUSS BUILDING ELECTRICITY TRANSFER PLANTS (Iran’s Charge d’Affaires in Iraq Hassan Kazemi met here Monday with Iraqi electricity Minister Abd al-Muhsin Shalash. They discussed implementing the signed agreement including the expediting building nine electricity transfer plants. Shalash expressed his country’s readiness for reconstruction of its electricity sector with Iran’s assistance. He also called for implementing electricity projects from credit allocated by Iran for Iraq’s reconstruction drive. After the meeting, Kazemi told IRNA that given Iraq’s electricity needs and Iran’s experiences in the field, the electricity sector is the highlight of the two neighbors’ cooperation. … Iran has allocated one billion dollars to the reconstruction of Iraqi infrastructural projects, he said, adding the major portion of the fund will be spent on electricity industry.)


I have no problem with Iraq turning to a neighbor for some of life’s necessities like electricity, but with the saber rattling Bush is doing with Iran, I am concerned about this ‘arrangement.’

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