Crooks and Liars has this up:

”Katie Couric pulls a Deborah Howell on Howard Dean (with video).”

“We expect Katie and all interviewers to ask tough questions of their guests. Questions that at least are based on fact, not ones that are repeating GOP talking points.

Katie: Hey, wait a second. Democrats took-Democrats took money from Abramoff too, Mr. Dean.

Howard: That is absolutely false. That did not happen. Not one dime of money from Jack Abramoff went to any Democrat at any time.

Katie: According to the CRP, Abramoff and his associates gave 3 million dollars to republicans and 1.5 million to democrats…

Howard: Not-one-dime.

Katie: We’ll obviously have to look into that and clarify that to our viewers at a later date…

Howard: Yes Katie, I hope you’ll do that. I hope you will actually get the story right.

Think Progress: “Katie then cited a Center for Responsive Politics study as her evidence, but a look at CRP’s website here and here show that Democrats accepted no money from Abramoff.“-from Crooks and Liars.

This is more rovian “fear and smear.” Too bad Katie was a tool for them.

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Update [2006-1-26 23:40:18 by howieinseattle]: Renee in Ohio has posted a transcript of this “interview” on Howard-Empowered People.

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