War across the entire Middle East will boil over by March 15th, if you don’t stop it. Yes, you.

You, me, everybody.  It’s crunch time.  There are enough pressure points to force the White House to act now to take America into a wider war.  They can’t afford to wait for the summer or fall.  The mad men and women in the White House wholeheartedly believe that they have no choice but to launch a regional war in the Middle East by the middle of March, by bombing Iran.  They must, to save their mission to establish the American Empire.

If you have other plans for America than endless war, you need to help derail any attack on Iran in the coming six weeks, because the game’s afoot.  It’s got the green light.  Bush is going smiting again if we don’t all stand up and say no.

The neocon Plan for the New American Century has one pervasive goal — full spectrum domination of every nation on earth through overwhelming American military, economic and political power. We shall be lords over all; we shall be first among nations, or there will be preemptive hell to pay.  That is the Plan.

To fuel and further this American Empire, the neocon Plan for the New American Century has one keystone goal, one central condition that all else flows from — we must control all of the oil in the Middle East. That control keeps America motoring along, business as usual, and that control yields potent influence over all other nation states in this world.  They will have to buy that oil on our terms, with our currency, or fight for it.  They will have to surrender other dwindling resources the Empire requires, or suffer the consequences.

The neocon Plan for the New American Century calls for reducing the entire Middle East into a chaotic array of weak or puppet states, which America can easily dominate. States that cannot develop their oil without us, states that cannot act militarily against us, states that must deal on our terms, states that must obey.

Iraq was to be our central police station in the Middle East.  From there we could destabilize and dominate the economies, governments and cultures of every oil-producing state in the region, because we could hit them, in minutes. We could immediately make them offers they couldn’t refuse.

Except, the occupation of Iraq has not gone according to Plan; it has failed.  We may not even be able to keep our fourteen permanent bases there, in which case we won’t be able to make any of those offers.  So, the neocon Plan is at a highly critical point; it must be abandoned — or expanded, very soon.  One or the other.  It’s crunch time.

At this juncture, February 1st of 2006, Iran is openly exercising its right to build nuclear power plants.  Iran may also be setting enriched uranium aside for weapons; however, every genuine expert on this subject — worldwide — sees their ability to explode even a test weapon as ten years out, at the minimum.  Iran is not an imminent threat to anybody.

And, given the ability of Israel and America to respond with hundreds of nuclear bombs to every one bomb Iran ever launches, it is not logical to think Iran wants a nuclear bomb for aggressive purposes. No, they want it for a poison pill — if you invade us, we will set it off in our oil fields, and we both lose.  So don’t invade us.  It’s the same logic that had Saddam setting fire to the oil wells of Kuwait when the Americans came to take them back.  It’s the same logic that has Saudi Arabia rigging their oil fields for demolition in case of an invasion.

No sane person wants Iran to build a nuclear bomb. But threatening Iran with attack and invasion if they seek one is no way to stop them — rather it is the best possible motivation they could have for building one.  The sooner they have that poison pill, the sooner they feel some safety.  The sooner they feel safe from us, the less they need that poison pill.

The neocons of the Bush Regime are well aware of all this.  But then, creative destruction is their stock in trade, and war is their best friend.  In the end, their supposed concerns with Iran’s nuclear activities are not based so much on controlling Iran as on keeping their control over America.  If the American public isn’t transfixed by imminent attack by strangers from Over There, they start looking around America, and asking hard questions.

The neocons have no answers.  Only lies about imminent attack by strangers from Over There.  They have no skills of government; they have only dreams of empire.

At this juncture, February 1st of 2006, the Bush Administration is presenting Iran as an imminent nuclear threat to the entire world, even while their own experts say this is unsupported by facts. Why are they shoveling this panic-mode ‘intelligence’ out to the media?  Why are they coercing the UN Security Council to make threats they will not follow through on?

Because it helps the Bush Regime cling to power over America.

If Americans come to the conclusion that our only business in the Middle East is the Iraq debacle, they will want us out of there pronto, so we can get back to our own affairs here at home.  And those affairs turn out to be — the Bush Administration’s spying on us, lying us into Iraq, emptying the Treasury, stealing money from all directions, and remaining incompetent at protecting us — from the weather, from the world, or from corporate thieves making off with our life savings.

It’s an election year.  Were you aware that the levees in New Orleans are barely under repair, and the city is guaranteed to flood again in hurricane season, seven months from now?  Dick Cheney is aware of that, and it’s another pressure point forcing him to act now, not next fall.  If the Bush Regime waits to bomb Iran, if they work through their backlog of criminal charges instead, they will be promptly impeached even by a Republican Congress.  Then, the Republicans will lose control of Congress and the White House for decades to come. There is no chance they will let that happen.

The Bush Administration cannot let Americans bring their minds to rest at home; they must distract them with fear of an imminent attack.  To leave Iraq, or to leave Iran be, would leave the Bush Regime with nothing on their calendar except answering for their crimes between now and November.  To remain in power, they must present a bogey man to the American public, and send them pell mell after it.  They can never retreat, or hold back, or their crimes will catch up with them.  It’s forward into a wider war — or impeachment and imprisonment back home.

They dare not wait until summer or this fall for their latest stovepiped spectre to raise its shadow in the public eye.  No, it will be before the Ides of March, before the middle of next month, that they will hit Iran, and knowingly cause the entire Middle East to boil over into regional war.  They need the Middle East in complete chaos, so they can run the oil through their fingers, and build the American Empire.

Before the middle of March, they will bomb Iran, and Iran will strike back across the Middle East.  Pakistan will go mad, Saudi Arabia will be in open revolt, every Muslim state will be sucked into the war in some capacity, and it will bring the entire world into immediate crisis over the loss of Iranian oil shipments.  Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Condi and Bolton will say we had no choice; the Terror from Tehran was coming for our children and mothers.  We had no choice, we did it for America, they will declare, wrapping themselves in our tri-colored flag.

That’s a lie.  The truth is, it is the Bush Regime that has no choice.  They do this for themselves, for their grasp on power.  They do this because war is their only hope, and because saying and doing anything to create war is their only creed.

Indeed, the Bush program from here on out will be to scare Americans with horrible visions of impending apocalypse, so that they will allow the Bush Regime to save them, whatever it costs, whatever it takes from America’s Constitution or values or peace, or pursuit of happiness.

So, Iran is the next bogey man.  With their lies and crimes catching up to them fast, the neocons must bomb Iran to rule America any longer. They must bomb Iran or the GOP can’t play the heroes as we head into the November elections.  They must bomb Iran no matter how wide the ensuing war may be; they prefer that to giving up power over America.

Beware the Ides of March.  Bush/Cheney will NOT wait until the summer or fall to bomb Iran. They need to distract the American public now, right now, before impeachment hearings proceed, and this Administration falls like the house of cards it is.  Only a wider Middle Eastern war can save them now.

With a wide open war Over There, they can declare martial law back here, open up the Selective Service for immediate inductions, and never look back.  Their Four Horsemen will be turned loose; their names are Dick Tater, Marshall Law, Jack Bootz, and GI Joe.  They must loose them soon on America, or Americans of both parties will escort them out of the White House, and in November they will all vote for Anyone-But-The Republican.

There’s another pressure point.  Iran is opening an oil trading bourse in March, which will trade oil in Euros only, not dollars.  Financially, it is hardly more than a symbolic gesture.  Politically, it is a pistol in America’s face, a deadly gesture to America’s dollar dominance. If one nation does it, other nations will do it.  So you stop the first one, real hard, to stop all the others from even trying. They must bomb Iran soon, or lose their grip on America.

As an immediate consequence of the massive Iranian response — which will include closing the Gulf to all shipping, striking Israel with missiles, shutting off all oil shipments, and infiltrating a million jihadis into Iraq and Afghanistan to kill all our troops there — Bush will “have no choice” but to declare de facto, or actual, martial law here in America for the duration of a multi-generational war for the freedom of Muslim people everywhere.

If we can stop Bush and Cheney before they launch this wider war in the Middle East, if we can stop them before they do, the neocon Plan for the New American Century will fold for good, and the Bush/Cheney Administration will be hounded out of office in short order.

If we cannot or do not stop them, this war will drag in every other major power to some degree, overnight.  They will have to act to preserve their access to Middle Eastern Oil, to preserve their nation.  They won’t talk about it, they will have to choose sides and take action immediately to get the oil flowing again.  It will be World War IV.  Let us hope it is not nuclear war.

These neocons in our White House honestly see no choice, for themselves or the American nation, but wider war in the Middle East.  They believe it will save America, and make us greater than ever.  That’s why they will act — because they Know that they are absolutely right, and that history will judge them as true visionaries and enlightened leaders whose creative destruction established an American Empire that lasted a thousand years.

They do not believe their next excellent adventure will go down in flames.  They will bomb Iran, and start a wider war, if you do not stop them.  They’ll do it in the dead of night, a few weeks from now, and tell you about it on CNN in the morning.  Things will spiral out of anyone’s control.  Soon your sons will get a call from the draft board.  There will be curfews.  There will be no need for political parties or elections until the war ends, if ever. It will be the war of survival that Dick Cheney has always wanted.  Like Hitler, he doesn’t want any place but first place for America.  He wants us on top, or reduced to ashes.

It’s crunch time.  For you, me, everybody.  We’re cruising into the abyss.  We’re sliding into war, and then wider war, and then wider still.

We have to stop Bush before he bombs Iran.  The moment he does, a much wider war begins, and it will not under anyone’s control.

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