WASHINGTON — President Bush has full confidence in Michael Chertoff and has not considered asking the homeland security secretary to step down after criticism of his performance on Hurricane Katrina, the White House said Tuesday.

“Secretary Chertoff is doing a great job,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said, answering a reporter’s question about Chertoff. “The president appreciates his strong leadership. He is someone who is committed to doing everything he can to protect the American people and to continuing to take steps to make sure we are better prepared to respond to the threats that we face.”

from: White House Firmly Behind Chertoff

Now…Please read THIS DIARY and then answer the following question:


An eruption, perhaps?

Maybe a tornado?

Would you prefer a nuclear plant mishap?

How about a dam breach?

Would you rather him handle an earthquake?

What about if the White House’s warnings come true?

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A leaked REPUBLICAN House Committee report (which the Dems boycotted), entitled, “A Failure of Initiative” (& scheduled to be released at 2PM EST Wednesday) states:

“Passivity did the most damage,” it said. “The failure of initiative cost lives, prolonged suffering, and left all Americans justifiably concerned our government is no better prepared to protect its people than it was before 9/11, even if we are.”

“The preparation for and response to Hurricane Katrina should disturb all Americans,”

“Earlier presidential involvement might have resulted in a more effective response,”

-from AP

NOTE: This is a separate report from the Senate Committee, which is continuing it’s hearings today with none other than Michael Chertoff testifying today. No word whether his testimony will be covered on C-SPAN.