While for most of you it’s Spring, downunder it’s Fall.  This photo was actually taken last Spring, but on a grey day.  

Luna really enjoys her walks in our bushland – as do we.  Her greatest joy seems to come from her nose.  She runs back and forth following scent trails left by the many Wallabies and Pademelons that live and graze on our property. If she sees one – which is often – the ears are up and she does everything in her power to go joyfully bounding after it, which means she ends up bunny-hopping on the end of her 30′ lead.
The critters have got pretty used to us, and while they hop away, they do it at a pretty leisurely pace, and don’t always go far. It’s a good thing, as one of the problems with introduced cats and dogs in Australia is that the native animals simply aren’t adapted to cope, and dogs that are allowed to run loose not only frequently kill things, but their very presence running and hunting through the bush drives many natives out of their habitat.

I think our ‘hoppies’ have figured Luna out for the largely harmless galoot she is.

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