Afternoon on the southbound Garden State Parkway, one of the New Jersey’s main arteries.  We are on our way to the so-called exit 0, Cape May, at the tip of the state.  The roadway is crowded and we have spent considerable time sitting in stopped traffic.  The Toyota is in need of some fuel and so are we.  Dodging a lumbering SUV, we head off the highway onto the ramp for the next service center.
After some searching, we find a space in the vast parking lot and walk up to the building.  Once inside we are greeted by crowds and a choice of fast food menus.  After waiting in line and making our selections, we find an empty table amongst the many seated diners.

Mounted on brackets above the diners are two large TV monitors.  And many heads are turned in the direction of the monitors.  In fact, a number of people are standing so that they will be better able to see the broadcast.

What could it be?  Perhaps some new revelations regarding the NSA?  Perhaps a new low in the administration’s approval numbers?  (Maybe we should start calling them disapproval numbers.)  Or perhaps some entirely new and fascinating scandal?

But no, it is none of these.

Standing up to get a clear view I can see cars on the screen.  It is a car chase out in Dallas.  Police are attempting to apprehend an individual for some unknown transgression.  The camera, apparently mounted in a helicopter, is following the pursued vehicle down the roadway.

I was expecting more.

Would a new NSA revelation have received the same attention?  I have my doubts.

Chicken/egg question.  Did infotainment come first, or the “need” for it?  I wonder how many of these people would know what the Downing Street Memo is?

Perhaps Don Henley was right, crap is king.  

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