we are sick of panty-waisted namby pamby cowards who pee their pants at the thought of a rag-tag bunch of disorganized zealots from the desert who screech “death to america.” have these nancy boys no gumption, no spine, no grit? have they no balls?

we grew up during the 60’s, when america had a real enemy, an enemy that could actually blow this country up: the soviet union. a country with a real government, a real army, a real cadre of nuclear missiles and submarines which, at any moment, was poised to shoot across the oceans onto our heads.

we grew up with the fear of air raid sirens going off at any possible moment; we grew up with the constant rehearsals in school of “duck and cover,” as if the wooden slate of our desks were going to shield us from the 20 megaton nuclear bomb implanted in the nose of the icbm theoretically heading down towards our quivering little bodies.
we grew up when the leader of the biggest industrialized state in the world threatened that “we will bury you.” we grew up when our enemy was a country 8 times bigger than our own, with the third largest population on earth (much larger than ours), ready to dominate the world at any moment.

we were young adults when that same country sent spies and cells and undercover agents to work their ways into our society, ready to wreck havoc on us at the drop of a “tovarich” from their masters halfway across the world (anyone remember charles bronson in “telefon“?)

we knew the constant possibility of nuclear war from the time we were old enough to understand about countries and the world, and the evil that men do.

and we managed to live through it.

we managed to live through it without giving up any of the first ten amendments to the constitution.

we managed to survive without granting our government leave to tap everybody’s phone.

we managed to get through life without granting our military the right to torture captured combatants.

we managed to thrive without letting administrations lock people away in perpetuity, without access to the legal process.

we walked through life facing down a real enemy, an enemy which proclaimed its desire to infect the world with its own way of thinking, without ever once giving up any of the civil liberties our forefathers built into our way of government and which our fathers fought and bled on foreign shores to protect.

vandals with cell phones didn’t make us poop our pants. hooligans that liked to blow themselves up didn’t send us cowering in fear in the corner, crying, “please, mommy, make them stop, take away our rights as citizens, destroy our way of life, just make those mean brown people stop wearing cloth on their heads and insisting their god is bigger and badder than ours, we are so helpless, and we just can’t join the armed forces and fight them ourselves!”

because make no mistake about it, friends, the “war on terra” is less about fighting some ill-defined political-cum-religious platform than it is part of the greater war against the mud people.

is it a coincidence that the same administration that denigrates the most popular religion in the worlds as a religion of hate, also wants to militarize our southern border, with nary a peep about posting soldiers along that long, long open demarcation between minnesota and ontario?

no, it is, to paraphrase public enemy, fear of a brown planet that drives this entire enterprise.

there is no reason that a disorganized bunch of fundamentalist enemies should shut this entire country down. we’ve faced enemies before.

make a note of that: america has always had enemies, and america has always survived, nay, even flourished long past the demise of those enemies.

it’s just the way of the world. them that gots, gots enemies. deal with it.

but you don’t deal with it but giving up what you gots, while the folks in charge that are constantly crying “wolf” are secretly scooping up all that you have relinquished in your panic-striken attempt to be good citizens.

it’s time to stand up to the nancy boys. go toe to toe with the namby-pamby poopy pantsers. if some religious nut with a bomb on his belly halfway around the world makes them cry in their bedrooms about how terrible things are, imagine what those bullies would do if we, collectively, actually stood our ground and said, “no. these are our rights. this is our country. you will not take them away from us through fear and hype and echo chamber reverberations.

“because we are sick and tired of you all.”

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