I am beginning to wonder of Al Gore hasn’t REALLY figured the whole thing out.

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The political system is broken, and both parties are so beholden to Corp money that there is only ONE THING more important to them than what their owners want.

And what is that?


And the popular opinion that drives them.

The reason they need Corp money in the first place is to buy the media clout to produce votes. To win. To be there at the finish line first.

The race broadcast follows.



Here we are at the most recent running of the President’s Cup. The weather is stormy and the track is REALLY sloppy, but it looks as if they are going to run the race anyway.


The horses all bunch up at the beginning of the race. A couple sprint out to an early lead.

But…WHAT’S THIS!!!???

ONE of the horses isn’t running!!!

He’s…he’s sitting down by the side of the track with what looks like…yes, it’s a computer and a cell phone!!!

Let’s send our trackside correspondent down to see what this totally unprecedented incident is all about.

Hopalong…are you there?


Yes Brad, I’m here. This horse seems to have thrown off its jockey and it bridle and saddle and will not let its previous trainers within 40 feet of him. He is on the phone with…yes, it appears that he is on the phone with the BETTORS!!! UNHEARD OF!!! Let me see if I can get closer to him.

Al!!! Oh…AL!!!

Yes. He seems ready to make a statement.

Here it is.

I do not want to win this race. It is fixed. I learned this by painful experience a couple of races ago. In order to gain the bettors’ trust, I have decided that I will not run under these conditions. Instead, almost as a kind of bettors’ ombudsman, I will deal only with the most important issues, and I will do so with all the power at my command. The truth will prevail, I believe, and I am going to do my DAMNDEST to get that truth out there unalloyed to the American bettors. Properly informed, I believe that they will once again begin to make the correct decisions that WIN bets, begin to the ignore the usual collection of cheap touts that show up at ANY big race, and America will be able rise out of the pit of despair and adversity into which it has been cast by the dishonest machinations of the few, the rich, the powerful and the loansharks. The fixers. I will not BE the winner…I will MAKE winners.  And judging from the recent statements of Hillary Clinton…on the evidence far and away the most intelligent and most professional racehorse (Meaning most able to navigate the shifting tides of a race without being wrecked on its many reefs and fouls.)…in the race as this moment, it appears that my tactic is working.

Who wants to win races anyway? I have all the oats I need now. On the evidence, maybe even a few too many.

If approached about the idea of a draft by the Democratic powers-that-be, my simple answer will be…


Thank you ladies and bettors.

Could be…

He’s certainly been ACTING that way, ever since he started his TV network.

Could be…

One smart racehorse, if that IS what’s happening.



As in 1776.

Maybe he DID invent the internet.

Gore for the most important cabinet post of the next administration!!!

Secretary of Energy.



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