Update [2006-5-28 23:32:29 by howieinseattle]: Thanks to Bev Marcus for sending this: “Frank Rich: Gore Should Run in 2008” from Editor&Publisher (based on Frank Rich’s column today in the NY Times). You can enjoy it, knowing you don’t have to give comfort to the grey lady, directly (it’s pay to read there.)

David Sirota asks, “Is There An “Anti-Hillary” Movement In the Democratic Party?” Howie answers, “Yes, David, there is.”

MyDD tells us how “Adam Nagourney Misses the Boat on Al Gore.” Actually, the best part is how Al smacks Adam down, gently (Tennessee style).

Ian Welsh is not quite ready to forgive “The New Al Gore” for the sins of the old one.

After much serious thought, I am sure, the Rude One weighs in with, “Al Gore – Fuck Yeah.” This post features a lesson in Shakespearean drama.

Wrapping it all together: In “Hillary Clinton’s character gap,”the author argues, “She could learn a few things from Al Gore.”

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