Gov Rick Perry’s vulnerability was further emphasized today with the publication of the latest Zogby poll.  Perry’s self congratulatory media blitz touting the resolution of the school finance special session apparently hasn’t fooled the voters of Texas, the guv is still languishing in the mid 30s. I for one am tired of hearing glorious praise for non-existent tax breaks when education and health care suffer, and the poll confirms I am not alone. Dem nominee Chris Bell believes in quality public education and health care for children, not tax cuts that benefit large corporations and the rich. And as long as Perry continues to represent no one but his inner circle, his popularity – and prospects for reelection – will continue to sink like a rock.

Here are the numbers. Everyone knows Perry and Strayhorn, but 2/3 wont vote for him and almost no one will vote for her. What about Chris Bell? Right now, only 4 out of 10 Texans know him, yet 2 out of 10 will support him. So what will happen when Chris makes his case en masse? You do the math:

Perry: 37.7% (+1.4 since March/down 0.6% since January)
Bell: 19.7% (-1/+1.8)
Kinky: 17.5% (+0.8/+3.1)
Strayhorn: 14.1% (-4.9/-6.4)

What Mark Warner is doing in Virginia should make every Democrat proud. Check out his new PAC, and while you’re at it, vote for your favorite candidates (like Chris Bell) in this exciting rendition of political March Madness!

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