Yes, folks it’s a birthday today for Our Leader. He turns 60, much to the dismay of my daughter, who turns 11 today and is much embarrassed by the fact that he and she share the same day to celebrate their entrance into the world. She’s only a smidgen over one decade old, but already she knows a few important life lessons that Mr. Bush has seemingly never learned in his three score years.

Like, it’s good to share with those less fortunate than yourself.

And talking out your problems is always better than fighting over them.

But most especially, she’s learned that it’s wrong to lie, even when you think you have a good reason, because the truth will always catch up with you. It may be slow, but sooner or later people will discover it, no matter how hard you try to cover it up. You may profit from your lies in the short term, but in the long term history will condemn you for the lying. Your reputation and good name, the only things that remain with you after death, will be forever lost.

So I’ll wish my daughter a happy birthday, today, because she deserves one. As for President Bush . . .

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