The countdown continues.

Because today was taken up with on-the-ground organizing, this countdown is going to make it just under the wire.   Unfortunately for many seniors their wire keeps moving as the catastrophic coverage threshold which sets the opposite end of the donut hole rises.   This means that more and more Medicare recipients will be trapped in the donut  hole for longer periods and will have smaller chances of escaping before the whole process starts over again the next year.  

If you live in Bucks County, PA, you can help.
PLEASE COME TO MEDICARE D-DAY ON MEDICARE’S B-DAY and show the county and the country that there is a vital and engaged political community in Bucks County ready to work and ready to effect real change in what’s happening to our country.

Celebrate all your civil rights and duties by showing up to talk to your congressman about this important issue.

What: Medicare D-Day on Medicare’s B-Day
When: 9:15am Saturday, JULY 29
Where: Oxford Valley Mall  (Google Map)- on the side of the JC Penney parking lot
Why: to lobby Congressman Fitzpatrick to fix Medicare’s Prescription