Turn Off ABC for a YEAR (and tell ’em why)

by Dinaelurus illumina
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Thu Sep 07, 2006 at 12:17:51 PM PDT

[editor’s note, by Dinaelurus illumina] OK, sorry, I goofed. I was wrong about MSN and Nickelodion. Scholastic seems to have turned around, although I’m not sure how far. I’ve changed my text. Mea culpa. Thanks for the correction. But ABC and Disney still deserve to be reamed.

Newsflash from dKOS – Scholastic pulls out of “Path to 9/11” – Will NOT distribute class study materials.

ABC and its sponsors, however are digging in.

So ABC is going to play hardball and refuse to pull that 6-hr piece of gratis Republican right-wing evangelist propaganda called “The Path to 9/11”.  Well, we can play hardball too.

Let’s have a Turn-Off-ABC YEAR.  Don’t watch it.  Block all Disney and ABC websites and emails and tell them why. I just booted Disneyshopping.com with an explanatory email.

Call their emails SPAM and use the SPAM-blocker. Even better, do what Black Max at dKos suggested in the comments,

 “I recommended in another diary that we set up our e-mail accounts to auto-send daily reminders to ABC and Disney that we would never buy their products, watch their shows, visit their amusement parks, anything, and send them a copy every day for the rest of our freaking lives. Then do it. Purge your lives of this [expletive deleted], and make sure they know about it. Even better, if you have the patience, call their customer service lines or whatever they have EVERY DAMN DAY. Turn this into a never-ending payback session.”

 Block Disney Channel and tell your kids why. Tank ESPN,A&E, and Fox. Don’t buy Disney videos.

Pixar and Apple are also involved in this.  If Steve Jobs, who is a majority shareholder in Disney, does not step in and object to this film, kiss off Pixar and Apple as good progressive companies.

Nuke your TV set if you have to.

If you are a writer (I am) or screenwriter, don’t sell them any properties or any scripts.

Make them pay in spades for their contribution to a right-wing attempt to hijack yet ANOTHER election.

Does anyone want me or anyone else to run a poll of Kossacks who will turn off ABC and its associates for a year or more?

PO’d Din

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