Welcome back.

This week I’ll be continuing with our painting of the 1950 Hudson Hornet seen in the photo directly below.

When last we were together I had completed much of the body of the car.  The photo directly below shows the painting as it appeared at the end of last week’s post.

Since that time I’ve continue to refine the painting.  I’ve changed a few of the car’s details and some of the highlights on the paint.  I’ve  also repainted the front wheel for better proportion.

I’ve also started the foreground, the roadway upon which the vehicle is  parked.  It’s solid gray right now but will have the shadows seen in the original photo.

The current state of the painting is seen directly below.

And now some meta.  (Yes we have meta here at Painting Palooza.)  First, all kossacks are welcome to post small photos of your own work in the comments section.  Secondly, the camera with which I have taken photos of the paintings for the last year is expiring.  This week I have used my new Nikon Coolpix L4, the entry level camera in the Nikon line. It is a point and shoot type and the photo directly above was taken with it.  Obviously, I have much to learn with this camera and hopefully the photos will become better in the coming weeks.  That’s about all for now.

See you next week.       

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