How high?

We will probably never know.

But, as example after example has proven to us since the first hellfire preacher got caught with his pants down around his ankles, beware those who make the most noise about sexual “morality.” They are most often the ones for whom temptation is most present.

Jeff Wells of the blog Rigorous Intuition has an article up today called “To Know Better”. He has been flogging the pedophile tendencies of the powerful as one of his main themes ever since he started blogging, claiming that pedophilia is just the tip of an iceberg of evil that extends right into the bloodiest reaches of dark-side esoteric practices.

Now be that as it may…I neither doubt nor believe, I simply consider everything…he includes some links that all of us ought to read.

Every American man, woman and child.

ALL of us.

I list them below, with snippets or descriptions of each.

Go there, do that.

You may learn something.
First, from the aforementioned Jeff Wells article:

Foley, of course, is now effectively powerless, and waving the pilfered crutch of alcoholism to account for his actions. Still, there’s no natural accounting for how endemic this practice appears among humanity’s presumptive elites and their wannabes. Yet however often Congress is disrupted by a scandalous resignation or a shout from the visitors’ gallery, it endures.

From Armchair Subversive. Republican Hypocrisy Revealed. STOP REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILIA.

A truly shocking list…and I am not shocked easily when it comes to Ratpub dirt…sixty-three examples of Rats who have in one way or another been caught with their (sometimes metaphoric but most often not) pants down among children. Plus sixteen mugshots of OTHER Rats who were caught saying one thing but pulling another.

Almost makes me want to rejoin the Roman Catholic Church.

A Slate-published transcript of just ONE of Foley’s instant messaged conversations with a page. Just in case you still think that he was merely “conflicted.”

I generally hate to make puns, but…it’s a page turner. And a stomach turner as well.( Click the boxes marked “hot document entries” to wade hip deep in this man’s mental illness.)

Plus a reenactment of part of said IM, if the above is not vivid enough for you. OMG Mark Foley.

And finally, a whole website dedicated to that grandaddy of all Ratpub pedophile cases,The Franklin Case. Read it and weep.

It has tentacles that go right up into the Ronald Reagan/George Butch Sr. White House.

Bet on it.

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Here is a link (Courtesy Real History Lisa) to a scan of that entire June 29, 1989 article.


It’s been over 17 YEARS!!!

And the same group is still in power.

THESE are the people who are condoning torture and killing innocent people in the name of democracy.

These child-fuckers and those who ally with them and protect them.

Talk about a War Crimes Tribunal!!!

We would do just as well to have a Sex Crimes Tribunal.

Better, even.

We’d snare the same people; Sleeple America would pay more attention, and the networks would not be able to afford to lose the ratings.

Newstime USA. Today.

“Oh well…another two hundred ragheads just got blown up real good over there in Eye-raq. Whut’s fer dinner, sweetie?”


Newstime USA. Sometime in a (hopefully) near and better future.

“Wouldja LOOK AT THIS, Mabel!!! That goddamned (fill in the name of a national Ratpub figure. Just about ANY national Ratpub figure, more than likely.) jest got popped for fucking three 10 year old boys behind the hedges in the Rose Garden while a press conference wuz goin’ on inside. Yee HAW!!! Ah never DID like them sons ‘a bitches!!!”

And so it goes.

Just as it ever has.



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