It’s time for the final push for the 2006 Midterm elections. In the interests of time, I decided to unilaterally select 9 house races to support and one Senate race. I have also added Jim Marcinkowski (MI-08) as a bonus candidate. This is a personal favor to Larry Johnson (as well as Joe and Valerie Wilson.

My selections are based on the values of Booman Tribune, which can characterized as follows:

    Opposition to political corruption.
    Dedication to progressive values.
    A commitment to women’s issues and more female representation.
    An interest in matters of intelligence and foreign policy.

1. Jerry McNerney of CA-11. Bowers: Tier-2 Likely Rep. Charlie Cook just moved this race from Likely Republican to Lean Republican.

McNerney’s opponent is Richard Pombo. Here is how the Sacremento Bee put it, “Since Hurricane Katrina, Pombo has been a one-man Category 5 environmental disaster zone.”

His son is an officer in the Air Force Reserves. McNerney has a company that focuses on wind turbines and alternative energy is his signature issue.

2. Linda Stender of NJ-07. Bowers: Tier-3 Likely Rep.

Stender’s opponent is Mike Ferguson. Ferguson is a stay-the-course Republican that has taken money from the pederast Mark Foley and the mistress-beater Don Sherwood.

Stender is a much better choice.

[Stender] worked her way through college waiting tables and working in a flower shop, earning a B.A. from American University. Linda was elected to the Fanwood Borough Council, became Mayor and made sweeping changes so that the government put the people first, not special interests. At the Freeholder Board, Linda helped to build one of the safest counties in the state, a parks system that’s second to none and a county hospital that truly responds to the needs of our seniors. In Trenton, Linda has been a leader in calling for property tax reform and for funding for stem cell research to unlock the cures for illnesses that harm our loved ones – Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer.

3. Zach Space of OH-18. Bowers: Lean Dem.

Zach Space’s opponent is Joy Padgett. Here is how the DCCC puts it.

“The first thing we know about Joy Padgett is that she’s Ney’s handpicked candidate – a distinction about as prestigious as Michael Brown giving you something called a FEMA Gold Star for Competence. The second thing we know is that she was first appointed to her State Senate seat by disgraced Governor Bob Taft,” said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Bob Ney was forced out of this race by the reality of an electorate demanding change from the culture of corruption in Washington and a Congress that compulsively puts special interests first at every opportunity.”

Bob Ney won this seat in 2004 by a 32% margin. Zach Space is poised to take over this deeply red seat, but he needs some insurance.

4. Charlie Brown (site appears to be down today) of CA-04. Bowers: Tier 3 Likely Rep. Charlie Cook just moved this seat from Likely Republican to Lean Republican.

Charlie Brown’s opponent is John Doolittle, considered one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington.

In 1999, Rep. Doolittle also assisted Jack Abramoff in securing a lucrative lobbying contract with the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, helped Mr. Abramoff stave off legislation protecting workers in the CNMI and wrote letters on behalf of some of Mr. Abramoff’s tribal casinos. In return, Rep. Doolittle, an alleged gambling foe, has received $130,000 from gambling tribes with ties to Mr. Abramoff. If Rep. Doolittle has received contributions from Mr. Abramoff in return for legislative assistance he may have violated prohibitions against bribery, honest services fraud and House rules.

Brown had a 29 year career in the Air Force and is often compared to Paul Hackett. We need this seat to punish the Republican Party for their culture of corruption.

5. Darcy Burner of WA-08. Bowers: Toss-Up Lean Dem. Charlie Cook just moved this race from Lean Republican to Toss Up.

Burner’s opponent is Dave Reichert, a deeply corrupt Congressman.

Reichert has taken:

  • $20,000 from Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC.
  • $5,000 from Bob Ney, the first congressman to plead guilty in the Jack Abramoff investigation.

With all of these ties to the DeLay/Abramoff mess, is it any surprise that Reichert has:

  • Voted to weaken House ethics rules when DeLay proposed doing so as GOP Majority Leader.
  • Voted with Tom DeLay 91% of the time (through 3/31/2006)

Mrs. Burner is an Air Force brat that received a National Merit Scholarship to Harvard and has enjoyed a successful career with Microsoft. Her brother has served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne (not keyboardists). Her positions on the issues are very mainstream Democratic positions.

6. Jack Davis of NY-26. Bowers: Tier 3, Likely Rep. Charlie Cook just moved this race from Solid Republican to Toss Up.

7. Patty Wetterling of MN-06. Bowers: Toss-Up Lean Rep. Charlie Cook just moved this race from Lean Republican to Toss Up.

8. Patrick Murphy of PA-08. Bowers: Toss-Up Lean Rep.

9. Chris Carney of PA-10. Bowers: Toss-Up Lean Dem. Charlie Cook just moved this race from Lean Republican to Toss Up.

10. Jim Marcinkowski of MI-08. Bowers: Safe Rep.

11. Claire McCaskill for MO-Sen

Jerry McNerney (CA-11) $
Linda Stender (NJ-07) $
Zachary Space (OH-18) $
Charlie Brown (CA-04) $
Darcy Burner (WA-08) $
Jack Davis (NY-26) $
Patty Wetterling (MN-06) $
Patrick Murphy (PA-08) $
Chris Carney (PA-10) $
Jim Marcinkowski (MI-08) $
Claire McCaskill (MO-Sen) $

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