You might have noticed that BooMan’s posts have been a liitle — well — absent today. That’s because he’s out and about in the REAL WORLD somewhere, spreading fear and causing mayhem, no doubt. Sort of like Don Rumsfeld does on a daily basis, but with less grey hair.

In any case, I have an offer to make to you. Please use this thread to nominate a diary for promotion to the front page (even your own if you like). One vote per poster. I’ll count the votes up later this afternoon and the winner will get FRONT PAGE STARDOM* @ BOOMAN TRIBUNE!!!! How great is that?

So have at it my fellow Booman Tribunians and may the best diary win.

Update [2006-10-27 18:56:14 by Steven D]: Voting closed. See the winner HERE.

* Not to be confused with any hope of financial reward of any kind or in any form. Diarist assumes all risk associated with said promotion, including but not limited too the envy of your fellow diarists.

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