I’ve read how this country under Bush, is using toture.  Never surprised me in the least…only that it took so long for it to be made public.  But while the world looks and points fingers, I got to thinking.  Ok, so lets look at some of them:




Now this one worries me:

During his cross- examination by the Commons Liaison Committee, Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that a country’s promise to not torture deportees would be a good enough assurance for British courts to return detainees to their countries. Blair called the present system “absurd” and said that it should not be the UK’s responsibility to “prove absolutely” the safety of detainees who had broken the rules of society. He stated that the problem was with the interpretation of the Human Rights Act rather than the act itself. Blair continued:

    We should be able to get an assurance from the particular government that they will not abuse or torture an individual.Our obligation is to get that assurance from that government, but our obligation does not extend to say in all circumstances we have got to protect you when you are causing mayhem in our country.We should go as far as we can to get assurances from other governments but it’s absurd we can’t return somebody to a country where they might have a problem in respect of, where this individual is inciting terrorism, or even committing acts of terrorism.

To me, this has the same right as the same right ring, as Bush saying “my people will investigate…”.  But whether you agree with torture or not.  If you are going to iradicate it…then all that use it should be brought into the light.