The Philadelphia Daily News piece, Philly’s drug dealers: Younger all the time AS DEADLY YEAR NEARS THE END, A LOOK AT 2 OF THE HUNDREDS OF TEENS WHO SELL DOPE bemoans how children in the drug trade are getting ever younger. As if this should be some kind of surprise. Why not? After all, the drug black market exists due to the same economic social engineering policy that the alcohol prohibition was based on in the Roaring Twenties of the last century. A big part of why America ended the alcohol prohibition was because of how it corrupted children.

The drug black market is all economics and America’s politicians are STUPID! The Democrats and Republicans all think that they can deprive children of all other opportunity while at the same time demanding that those children not use their God given initiative to work and make money.

The city of Philadelphia has a $ 700 million economy that under-employed and under-educated young people are told to stay away from……