Today over at My Left Wing that blessed lover of God gottlieb wrote the best contemporary account of the recent history of the United States that I have ever read.

The Long Dead End

If you have not yet read it, please do so.

Below…my extended comment upon it.

If bits and bytes still exist after this current mess is over (and has of course been replaced by OTHER messes) what you wrote here will be hailed by historians as the first true, contemporarily written compact history of the United States of America as the country morphed into wherever it was headed after the Forty Year Coup was complete.

The Forty Year Coup
A brief history.
Its beginning and its end.

1963-John F. Kennedy Assassinated

2003-Howard Dean “AAAAARGHED” out of the race for the Presidency so that the interests that had been working for the previous 39 years could be sure to re-elect George H. Bush and finish their ongoing previous 39 years of work nullifying  the Constitution of the United States.

The only thing that remains to be seen regarding this work now?

Whether it is defeated from without or from within.

From within would be preferable, because the extent of the carnage that would result from a true defeat by hostile forces in this nuclear age is not even remotely conceivable by the human mind.

We shall see.

A domestic Nagasaki or reform.

The only two choices left, because when the bad guys get THIS bad, they never win.

Bet on it.

Nagasaki by Harry Warren and  Mort Dixon

Hot ginger and dynamite
There’s nothing but that at night.
Back in Nagasaki where the fellers chew tobaccy
And the women wicky wacky woo.

The way they can entertain
Would hurry a hurricane.
Back in Nagasaki where the fellers chew tobaccy
And the women wicky wacky woo.

In Fujiyama you get a mommer
And your troubles increase.
In some pagoda she orders soda
The earth shakes milk shakes ten cents a piece.

They kissee and huggee nice
By jingo it’s worth the price.
Back in Nagasaki where the fellers chew tobaccy
And the women wicky wacky woo.

Image Hosted by

Nagasaki bomb, 1945

Image Hosted by

Plutonium core of the Nagasaki bomb.

Image Hosted by

American delivery system, 1945

Image Hosted by

Alternative delivery system, 2007

I got yer “Wicky wacky woo”, right HERE!!!

Be afraid.

Be VERY afraid.


Before it is too goddamned late.

Impeach now or suffer the consequences.



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