Maryb – who remains the voice of class and reason during turbulent times and I hope our paths will cross again.

AndiF – who has almost singlehandedly kept the Froggy Bottom Cafe up and running every. single. day. which provides us with a safe, accepting and fun place to drink coffee, mix up a mean marmotini, smoke the peace hookah, or tell the latest crummy joke.

keres – without Thursday dog (and other critter) blogging the pond would be barren.  No dogs, rabbits, wallabies and yes even pooties would grace our pages.

Man Eegee – who is wise beyond his years and constantly enlightens me with his well-researched and heartfelt stories of immigrants and their families, as well as injustices around the world.

RubDMC – whose Iraq war daily witness is heartbreaking but necessary to remind us all of the cost of war.

Boran2 – whose Saturday painting diary is always entertaining and fun to watch his paintings progress and to share our own attempts at creativity.

Family Man – whose folksy sort of wit belies his great and patient wisdom.  Follow the link to his blog.  He’s a gifted writer and his love of family will touch you.

Arthur Gilroy – who has made me fall in love with double-spacing and I never have to wonder what he really means by that…

refinish69 – who has the energy of someone half his age and never ever sleeps.  He works hard on the local level to bring about change in the whole country.  His podcasts are amazing and entertaining to boot.  Have a listen.

Kidspeak – who is wise and patient and funny as hell sometimes and has a heart of gold.

Teach313 – who is teaching the next generation to be good guardians of the light.  I’d clone him 1000 times over to give more kids a chance to learn from him.

That’s my list and I’m sure I’ve left someone out.

Who do you want to give a shout out to?

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