Wow. Victoria Toensing has an endless article in the Washington Post that not only excuses Scooter Libby of any wrongdoing for lying to the FBI and grand jury, but actually draws up indictments from her very own imaginary grand jury. She wants Patrick Fitzgerald put in jail. Too funny. Here’s a sample.

THIS GRAND JURY CHARGES PATRICK J. FITZERALD with ignoring the fact that there was no basis for a criminal investigation from the day he was appointed, with handling some witnesses with kid gloves and banging on others with a mallet, with engaging in past contretemps with certain individuals that might have influenced his pursuit of their liberty, and with misleading the public in a news conference because . . . well, just because.

It makes amusing readind. It’s typical of the Post to give a forum for this dreck. They have never seen an underlying crime in Plamegate. That’s mainly because the first leak went to Woodward, and he said nothing. But it’s also because Pincus didn’t want any part of it. The Post is now almost as bad as the Moonie Times. They’ll publish anything.

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