Great live blogging from Just a Bump in the Beltway.
Pepperverse tells us that the hearing was pretty funny, if by funny you mean horrifying.

Citizens Against Lies tells us that Hatch bent over.

4&20 blackbirds says that “For those of us who like to see incompetence and malice appropriately rewarded, Gonzalez’ appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is especially sweet.”

POE 3> tells us that it is judgment day for Gonzalez

All in One Boat captures Feinstein’s displeasure.

Bob-net Residua advises us to get popcorn.

The Ruth Group thinks Gonzalez might be Bush’s fraternal twin, “amiable, un-curious, unthoughtful, willing to do what he perceives the powerful want…”

A Spork in the Drawer tells us that Republicans are pathetically delusional. He’s been live blogging the whole hearing. Very entertaining.

The News Blog tells us that Gonzales Picked Carol Lam For Purge.

Power Pop said Gonzalez said “don’t recall” 74 times.