At 7pm eastern time, MSNBC will be broadcasting the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2008 season. A little early, no? All the candidates will be at South Carolina State University and Brian Williams will moderate. We’ll have a special feature at Booman Tribune (assuming it works right).

During the debate we will be streaming into the war room, where Deputy Campaign Manager Matt Butler, Policy Director Amos Hochstein and other campaign staffers from Senator Chris Dodd’s team will be available to answer questions. They’ll be scanning threads here to see any comments you have.

This is an opportunity to get more info out of the Dodd campaign than is possible during such a crowded debate (with Dodd, Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Richardson, Biden, Kucinich, and Gravel).

I expect Dodd to emphasize his support of the Feingold-Reid legislation designed to safely end the war in Iraq, and his promotion of a corporate carbon tax to combat global warming.

Have a question ready and I’ll put up the streaming thread around 6:45 or so.