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For me, Edwards really stepped up and out at the debate last night and it was mostly due to the fact he took responsibility for his war vote. Obama got off one zinger but zingers only zing ONCE. Edwards has kept a steady pace of “I was wrong on the war” meme and I think that will pay off more in the long run than Obama will get for his “4 and half years is too late to show leadership” sound bite.

Here’s why. Bush never apologizes for jack shit. Even when it came to Katrina, it was never his fault directly. He always danced around the issue of personal responsibility and muddied the water of an apology better than anyone else I have ever seen. But a politician, especially a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE that comes clean and admits he was wrong and repeats it at every appropriate opportunity, will seem more the polar opposite of Bush than the rest of the crowd.

Biden’s rant on Dafur was good and probably his best moment, but alas, it is about 4 and half years too late.

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