My mother-in-law asked if I had heard about the North American Union. She heard this news on the local Boston talk radio station WRKO.

The death of America is bad enough news but I have yet another personal story of the erosion to trust, deliberate deception and jailable fraud, something perhaps becoming a typical American suburban norm.

My daughter married into a tradesman type family. My first impressions of my new mother-in-law was that she was a Satanic bitch, and I was right on. She has handled all of this family’s financial dealings since day one. The “men” worked hard and the woman did the books.  This woman has proven to be totally psychotic.

Since it is so easy to refinance a piece of property these parents did, to the tune of half million dollars. Three large campers, trucks, tractors, a new car and winters in Florida later this “mother” has attached her son’s name to a mortgage of $490,000 for the house my daughter is living in.

End result? My daughter gets to be a single mom living alone plus dealing with the prospect of never collecting even child support.

God, don’t America suck.