Dear Lasthorseman,

In 36 years, Hillary and I have shared a lot of birthdays, and each year I’m amazed at everything she has accomplished. This is a very special year: we’re celebrating Hillary’s 60th, and I hope you’ll join me in sending her a birthday message, sharing your wishes for her and your hopes for the coming year.

I’ll make sure to share your message with Hillary. And please encourage your friends and family to send their messages as well.

You can see my birthday message to Hillary and add your own here:
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I know how happy Hillary will be to hear from you on her birthday. Thank you for helping me to make her day special.


Bill Clinton

Ya, hi Bill.  When I was much younger the effects of NAFTA on a close to retirement age solid American whom I admired greatly shaped my life.  Don went to Mexico to supervise the transfer of American machines to the new cheaper labor plants in Mexico.  When he returned to the States he put in the immediate desire to take his pension and retire.  He flat out refused any further association with the company even to the point of not attending traditional retirement dinnners.  I take it he saw things  completely alien to Americans well schooled in things like human rights.

Well it’s 2007, and the flight of industry from Mexico to China continues as do the lead painted children’s toys.

Why does everything political have to be scripted, geared towards a mental age of twelve.

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