I can’t understand why other candidate’s supporters go just a bit too far with their lies, smears and attacks on Al Gore in an effort to try to get more support for their candidate. I couldn’t understand why they constantly felt the need to resort to such tactics on a fellow Democrat, let alone Mr. Gore, with his incredible record, that they resort to the same lies we complain of from the reich wing and special interests. Why can’t thy try stating why THEY support their preferred candidate, or maybe that is the problem.

My advice is to try educate themselves about the facts, instead of being lead by lies or propaganda put out by opposition, Lobbyists or Corporate Special Interests that have ulterior motives, and they would probably be much happier learning how to deal with realities and be less angry smearing good people.

Why do I want Al Gore to serve as President of the United States, where he once already won the popular vote, but didn’t have the chance to serve the American People in the position he was elected? Because Al Gore has a tremendous record of accomplishments and experience with a priority of doing good for the people and our world-from his years of public service and beyond in to private life, from when he volunteered to serve in Vietnam (even though he was against the war), becoming a reporter for the Tennessean for 5 years upon his return, serving in the US House, serving in the US Senate, serving as US Vice President and now spending his time in private life working tirelessly getting attention to recognize and solve the Climate Crisis. Al Gore is a proven leader with stature, vision and unmatchable experience and has been proven to be correct on some of the most important issues we still face, like the Iraq war, the deficit, health care, over-reaching powers, trampling of our Constitution, the environment and Global Warming. We deserve him to be our president. He is asking us to rebuild our democracy and for citizen activism to bring about the change we need. Please add your voice and show we know we deserve the best to be in the Oval Office to make the agenda and policy to solve the many crisis we face.

You too can vote FOR Al Gore in the Democracy for America Presidential Pulse Poll. Click on “Other” and write in Al Gore.

Here is an incredible video that shows so well why we need Al Gore making policy in the Oval Office.

You can give your 2 cents by writing Mr. Gore personally here:
(enclose 2 pennies and tell him you’ll send more when he announces)

Office of Former Vice President
The Honorable Al Gore
2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620
Nashville, TN 37203

If you want to see his dynamic speech at Constitution Hall about our Constitutional Crisis and the overreaching powers by the Executive Branch, here is the entire speech on video:

Constitution Hall Full speech, video Jan 16, 2006

And then, only a couple weeks ago, Mr. Gore made 3 video shorts reaffirming his positions on 3 important issues we still face.

  1. The Iraq War
  2. Health Care
  3. Our Rights

you can view them on his television networks site.


And remember, show your support for Mr. Gore. Vote in Democracy for America’s Presidential Pulse Poll for Al Gore.
Click on OTHER and write in Al Gore.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition on line, please do so here.

http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/algore2008 /

Join the growing support that we want to reElect Al Gore. He will not only move us forward being the true Progressive he has been for decades, but he also stands the best chance to win the General Election, as these polls show.


Time for a COOL change,

And, the Draft Gore has a busy month ahead of them, so join the effort and take back our country!

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