Some thoughts from last night’s CNN/YouTube Debate:

  1. Republicans are running on their adherence to and belief in The Bible. I don’t recall if Democrats have been asked to reiterate their firm connections to “the Word of God” as the Republicans were in the debate. And though Huckabee has made the statement that Jesus never ran for office, it should be pointed out that The Bible at no time describes a democracy.
  2. Republicans are convinced that we stay in Iraq to keep Al Quaeda and their friends from invading Des Moines or Newark. Again, this is something I haven’t heard the Democrats espousing. And, since the Islamic Terrorist Army hasn’t shown up in my hometown of Shepherdstown, WV, we are supposed to be congratulating George Bush for keeping them away. We haven’t even had to post a guard on the Rumsay Bridge coming into town. Thanks, George.
  3. Republicans are running on their tax cutting and limited spending policies, although in offices such as Mayor of New York and Governor of Massachusetts they have raised budgets and spent more money (sometimes on girlfriends in 9/11 firemen’s recovery apartments) than anyone expected – of course they blame Democrat assemblies and councils.
  4. Republicans are running against the occupation of our country by illegal aliens… some working in their own houses! If someone has a strange accent, bump them out of the country now! And ignore anything you might have said supporting aliens in your past political life.
  5. Republicans are NOT running on platforms about Education, National Health, Jobs, Businesses destroyed by “fair trade”, or any of the issues that directly face the US. Democrats seem caught up in these issues. Time will tell which party is more concerned with the real needs of Americans.

Sure it will.

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