We are well past the point where there is any debate left about whether or not the President and Vice President have committed high crimes and misdemeanors.  In fact we run the risk of being inured to the information it has become so commonplace.  The only thing new is learning the breadth and depth of the systematic violations of the Constitution this administration has been exercising for the past 7 years and even here there is little left that can surprise us anymore, given what we know they are capable of.
The debate these days seems to be if anyone or anything is going to save and restore our Constitution and the three equal branches of government it calls for or if we are going to let unitary executive power stand as the new model of government, now that the administration has so successfully established the precedent for it.

The lack of any intention on the part of Congress to impeach the Vice President and President, as is expressly called for in the Constitution, makes them complicit in the violations, high crimes and misdemeanors this administration has committed.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, Jr. are the only two people standing in the way of the impeachment process beginning. Enough is enough, it is now bordering on the absurd that they are going to sit back and let this administration walk away free and clear at the end of their term.  The fate of our Democracy is in their hands and it is time they put aside whatever politics are preventing them from fulfilling their sworn oath to protect and defend our Constitution and begin impeachment hearings, NOW.

Please sign these petitions telling them we want impeachment hearings to begin NOW!

Please sign the Speaker Nancy Pelosi we want impeachment hearings now petition

Please sign the Chairman John Conyers we want impeachment hearings now petition

At the bottom of the petitions there are an assortment of tools to help generate greater awareness.  Please use whichever ones you can to help us get these passed around and signed, or even if you just send the links out to a list of your own contacts and/or friends, that would really help!

There are some other petitions being circulated working to achieve the same goal. Please take another moment and sign these as well.  The more we can show them how fed up and serious we are the better

Join Congressman Wexler’s call for Cheney impeachment hearings

Online petition to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for the purpose of pursing impeachment

We also started a blog to post links to groups, information, resources on impeachment so please visit if you’d like more information
Impeachment hearings Now


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