I just read at Eschaton that billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s phony draft campaign has only collected just over 3,000 signatures.

I thought, “What would be the best way to embarrass him?”

And then it struck me: collect more online signatures than him.
Here’s my pitch:

At this point billionaire Mike Bloomberg, despite a massive marketing campaign and phony draft movement for president, has just 3,000 some signatures. I want to show a middleclassed horror blogger with a slighty insane reputation can draw even more signatures.

Here’s where you sign the petition to embarrass Bloomberg.

Here’s my qualifications to serve as president:

Yet even with those credentials, I’d still make a better president than Bloomberg. I’ve never embraced torturers and I’ve never cheered George W. Bush.

But let’s face it: if someone with no money and a horrific reputation can collect more signatures despite Bloomberg’s drawn out, phony Unity 08 effort, that would have to be terribly embarrassing to him and his handlers.

That’s a good enough reason to sign the petition as any.

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