Margaret Carlson makes a funny:

Going forward, Clinton will push for more debates in which she can expose the naivete and inexperience of the untested Obama, while baiting the press into delving into his unexamined life. The latter effort is part of a major theme — that she can better withstand any Republican attack because she already has.

This is the first known instance of going negative against yourself — reminding people of your scandals to show you are scandal-proof.

There are a lot of obituaries going around. A lot.

Meanwhile, with Lincoln Chafee’s endorsement, Barack Obama is going to take Hillary’s war vote on strong in Rhode Island. I think Obama should take Chafee around with him everywhere and just blister Clinton on the war.

Oh, and James Carville still hates Howard Dean. From last night’s Larry King Live:

CARVILLE: The problem here is it’s not — it’s not the candidates and it’s not the party elders or the people who made the rules. It’s over a million people in Florida went out and voted and expressed a preference.

Now, is the Democratic Party — big “D,” Democratic Party, also, the small “D,” Democratic Party — well, we say gee, you’re — you don’t count because you’re not in the rule book. I don’t know. And that’s something we’re going to have to look at.

But I’m not a — I’m not a big fan of — and it has nothing to do with Senator Obama or Senator Clinton — I’m just not a big fan — and it has nothing to do with Chairman Dean, who I’ve expressed reservations with him any number of times before. It’s just the accumulation of the way that we’ve built up these goofy rules about delegates and what we do and don’t do.

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