Today’s quote comes courtesy of Mr. Talent on Loan from God himself, Rush Limbaugh, who tossed off this little bon mot after John McCain apologized for Cincinnati conservative talk show Host Bill Cunningham’s constant reference to “Barack Hussein Obama” in warming up the crowd at a recent campaign appearance by McCain in that city:

Right-wing firebrand Rush Limbaugh also questioned why McCain would apologize for Cunningham’s remarks, and asked why it’s inappropriate for Cunningham to use Obama’s middle name.

“What if McCain’s middle name was Adolf instead of Sidney?” Limbaugh asked.

Thanks Rush. Always good to see someone from the right bring a little fresh perspective to the “middle name” issue in American politics. Although, just for the record, I think “Sidney” sounds a little too liberal to me. Maybe John McCain should consider changing it to Adolph. I mean, for a man who wants to have a hundred year war with Islam, what better moniker than the name of a man who wanted to establish a thousand year Reich, eh?

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