Great news from NJ-03 (GOP Rep. Saxton’s open seat):  John Adler, the Democratic candidate for Congress announced that he raised almost $1.2 million dollars this cycle, including a whopping $530,000 this quarter alone. (75% of the donations came from local NJ donors.) In fact, Adler did so well, one of his GOP opponents campaigns called it “impressive.”

Besides the great fundraising success – Adler has picked up major endorsements from other prominent groups and has
been knocking on hundreds of doors.

In the meantime, Adler has been knocking on doors in neighborhoods as far southeast as Little Egg Harbor Township and the age-restricted communities that pepper the area three to five days each week.

And he recently introduced legislation that would protect senior insurance citizens from predatory brokers. The move was prompted by constituent concerns, not scoring points with the electorate.

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And today, even PolitickerNJ’s Wally Edge, was impressed with Adler:

John Adler’s fundraising numbers are impressive: he’s brought in nearly $1.2 million so far as the Democratic candidate for an open congressional seat that has been held by the Republicans since 1882. This kind of early fundraising success will help Adler grow his warchest exponentially as he competes in one of the nation’s premier House races – the fight for Jim Saxton’s seat. Adler is expected to be unopposed in the Democratic primary.

There are a lot of seats in play, but NJ-03 is ready for a “take-over”.  Let’s end the failed Bush Republican policies and elect a real Democrat who will bring change to Washington!