For the last 40 years, Americans have been working more for less.

Mother and Father must work just to ‘make ends meet’, which is a colorful euphemism for keep food on the table and an insurance card in their pocket.

It’s for the children, you know, all the work we do. Parents trying to give children more than they had.

Investing in the stock market for the future, saving a hundred thousand for college, moving to the ‘safe’ neighborhood.

Well all of that’s been in vain. All we’ve done as a society is ensure that our children will live the Republican Dream: A Sweatshop Economy.
Parents Bankrolled the Sweatshop Economy
While mom and dad have been working like dogs to ensure that their children have bright futures, corporate cartels have been eviscerating the ability of people to protect themselves.

Politicians have been sponsored and bought, TV time has been sponsored and bought, legislation has been sponsored and bought, escape from regulation has been sponsored and bought, all the powers of our society have been sponsored and bought, and many well intentioned parents have made this happen.

Many well intentioned parents have just ensured that their children will be nothing more than Sweatshop labor.

American parents create this Sweatshop Economy by tithing (401k & stock), sometimes at 20% of their net worth, to giant corporations who then in turn take that investment and invest it in creating public policy that ensures that American children will wind up working in a new Sweatshop Economy.

Corporate cartels have shaped and misshaped public policy by taking billions of dollars from mom and pop’s wallets and giving it to think tanks like CATO, AEI, CEI, the Heritage Foundation and a host of others that want nothing more than the Republican Dream of Great American Sweatshop.

Less Money Means Less Freedom
A very famous Conservative tax policy guru once said that he’d like to get government down to the size where he could drown it in the bathtub.

We are all in the bath tub now.

The American family is over a barrel. One wrong move and parents lose the ability to put food on the table and an insurance card in their pocket.

The Republican Dream of a Sweatshop Economy is upon us. The dollar is tanking, individual and national debt is catastrophic, inflation looms, the filthy rich have nearly all the marbles – in short, we’re screwed.

Can’t pay your credit card bills? They’ll take your home.

Can’t pay your medical insurance? You can just die.

Can’t afford heat in the winter? Your gonna freeze.

Can’t afford a new, fuel efficient car? Screw you!

The American experiment in self government is over a barrel as well.

John McCain wants to stop supporting our elderly and disabled by freezing Social Security?

He wants to put an end to Medicare. People who are suffering in this miserable Republican Economy that can’t afford medicine should just Get sick and Die?

No more money for education. Homeschooling for all!

He’s going to cancel research on diseases, Abandon the poor, Screw the workers, Let the Corporate Fraudsters cheat us without oversight, Eat poison food, and give up on renewable energy.

Intelligent Design
This is by design, folks. It’s no a mistake. This is the intended endgame of Conservative ideology. This is what being in the bathtub means.

Less money equals less freedom, That’s the Republican Dream, plain and simple. People (and governments) over a barrel are easier to exploit. That’s what conservatives have wanted all along.

The Republican dream, a Sweatshop Economy, is bearing down on us like a freight train.

Protect our Future
Pull your head out people and put your wallet away. It’s probably empty anyway. Stop bankrolling your children’s march a Sweatshop Economy. Stop supporting it politically.

Don’t let our nation be drowned in the bathtub.

Pull it out, smack it around a bit, knock some sense into those voices in Washington. Tell them that people are more important than profit, then prove it by voting to repair our crumbling infrastructure, to protect people’s health, livelyhoods, and future opportunity.

Vote to educate our children.

Vote to restore our ability to build stuff.

Vote for clean energy.

Vote to promote efficiency.

Screw the people who tell you it’s ‘not economically viable’ that ‘it’ll cost too much’, we’re already paying too much in terms of sweat, blood and tears. We’re giving away our future.  

If you won’t do it for yourself, your friends, your neighbor, your country, perhaps you’ll do it for your children. Because all your work to ensure that they’d have a better life than you did has been leveraged to ensure that all of us will inherit a Sweatshop Economy.

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