I saw Philadelphia right-wing radio host Michael Smerconish on cable news the other day saying that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is leaving ‘no meat on the bone’ for the Republicans to work with in the fall. I think there is something to that. I also think the thoughtless nincompoops in the national punditry are grinding down all the potential negatives about Obama’s past associations. There is a half-life to all these types of stories and they don’t keep their resonance forever. It’s unpleasant to endure, but it’s better to go through it now than later.

That being said, Obama’s campaign needs to figure out a way to move off this story before the next election day. He really only needs to win North Carolina, but it will make things needlessly painful if he doesn’t perform well in Indiana and the margin in North Carolina isn’t impressive.

No one ever said it was going to be easy to get a man with a black father elected in this country. It’s somewhat of a national disgrace.

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