The Atlantic hires warmonger Jeffrey Goldberg to be one of their bloggers and Atrios says:

It appears the Atlantic has hired a pretentious commentless blogging git whose gullible advocacy led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. How he manages to live with himself is a mystery, and why The Atlantic thinks we should live with him is a deeper one.

To which Armando replies:

Surprisingly, Atrios is not discussing Andrew Sullivan. With Obama love, all is forgiven.

Coupla points:

1. Atrios probably is secretly, quietly, an Obama supporter, but he hasn’t endorsed anyone and has no animus for Clinton or her supporters. At most, he has been mildly critical of some Clinton campaign rhetoric…like calling whole states irrelevant.
2. Atrios is responding to the hiring of a new blogger, so it stands to reason that Andrew Sullivan’s employment at The Atlantic didn’t come up.
3. If Andrew Sullivan has gained a measure of redemption, it is more for recanting his prior support for the Bush administration and for becoming an articulate and impassioned opponent of torture. His endorsement of Obama is a minor consideration in comparison.
4. Not to pin this on Armando, but it’s more than a little unseemly to see how often Clinton supporting commenters refer to Sullivan as ‘Bare-Back’.
5. When you stoop to slamming Atrios, your well has truly run dry.

Update [2008-4-30 12:48:39 by BooMan]: Apparently, Atrios did disclose that he voted for Obama in the Pennsylvania primary. Nevertheless, he keeps his front-page impartial.

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