While the Myanmar government forces death and starvation on its people, rather than admit what an oppressed country it is, the west stands by wringing its hands about what can be done.
A humanitarian invasion is required. Drop food and water, supplies, by what ever means.

The US and UN imposed their drug war in Laos that has led to the starvation and death of the Akha people, back to the most remote village, but it can’t impose aid on a country? That would be imoral. Impose death, ok, impose aid, not ok?

Where is the moral resolve of well fed people in the west?

Imposing aid, could spur a massive shift toward democracy in Myanmar, and there is damn little the Myanmar government can say about it, or China either.

When people in the west ask what has led to this state of affairs world wide, we can easily point to the failure to respond to save the lives of people.

If there was opium being grown in the Delta, the US would have been there yesterday.

It is no different than how the allies allowed the soviets to gobble up eastern europe at the end of the war.

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