Now I know this isn’t going to happen because Hillary Clinton has said she will not run as an independent, but Rasmussen took a poll on how Hillary would do against Barack Obama and John Mc.Cain, and the results are very surprising. First here is a 4-way matchup between Obama, Mc.Cain, Bob Barr and Ralph Nader

Obama 42%
Mc.Cain 38%
Barr 6%
Nader 4%

Now with Hillary running as an independent
Mc.Cain 32%
Obama 31%
Clinton 22%
Barr 3%
Nader 3%
Now as you can see, Mc.Cain goes from being down 4%, to being up 1%. Clinton takes away 11% of Obama supporters, and 6% of Mc.Cain supporters. So Hillary would definitely hurt Obama, and to a lesser extent, Mc.Cain.

What this tells me that both Mc.Cain and Obama need to consolidate there bases, and Obama needs to shore up with support with women. Also, Rasmussen reports that 30% of Democrats want Clinton to run as an independent if she doesn’t get the nomination. This also shows how weak Mc.Cain is because Obama is still within 1%, even though Clinton is in the race, and would take away the majority of votes from Obama.

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