Most likely, since I have been ferring kids around to two different schools, I’m completely ready for the summer. Politically, I’m very much ready for the summer as well. Hillary and her illogical supporters (because at some point, if you have half a brain, and at least some morals and values to boot you oughtn’t support her anymore at this point in time) are working on empty now, scrambling for any wording that fits the mood du jour. And with all the plenty of intelligent explanations around, I don’t have to regurgitate as to the hows and whys! (plus, did I mention fatigue??)
So it’s good to know that, even though all of Obama’s blogging supporters are alert and at the ready, that Obama and his campaign are looking for a VP. And no doubt the McCain campaign are at the ready to attack Obama with future swiftboat tactics and other dirty tricks, previously only attributed to the GOP.
So just think, when you do get tired of Hillary’s ‘same old same old’ talking out of her dr. Jekyll and Mrs Hyde head, just think, that at least Obama is keeping his eyes on the price. Perhaps us Obamalamalekkadingdongs ought to as well. And I am saying that lovingly! Enjoy the summer and don’t fret over what you can’t control. Leave that energy zapping to the Hillarites.

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